About us

NoFaceTech.com is an online publication, new articles appear daily on this site, articles that are designed to attract visitors and satisfy the public.

NoFaceTech.com is managed by NoFaceTech Team, for contact details, go to the contact page.

Quality comes first when we choose our materials to be published on this site, we want to diversify, every month we come up with new ideas, different types of articles, contests, etc.

This site is for everyone, our editors are young and this helps a lot in making content that gives the most return.

NoFaceTech is an online magazine that is updated daily with it news and information from the world of technology, here you can read the most interesting IT information.

Our site is aimed at all IT enthusiasts, but also for those who want to find out information about a specific thing. We are very diverse and try to provide you with it news, the latest and useful information right here on our site.

The most important category on the site is “News”, here you will find daily fresh articles, articles with different information about mobile, car, internet, laptops, software, hardware, peripherals, security and other gadgets, this category is of most interest to our visitors.

NoFaceTech team, is made up of young people who are still students or even in high school, they bring you daily the latest information you are interested in and want to read about daily.

Our goal is to make a community of Tech/Nerd fans, to debate the topics we cover and the community to express their thanks/disappointments, about the experience they have had on our site, from these we will be able to rise up and provide the best experience to those who want to read it news, information and more in this field.

The aim of the readers is to always inform themselves about the latest and trending information and it news, we want to give them what they are looking for. Many of our readers are also looking for opinions, that’s why we also have a “review” category, where you can read our opinion on different products or services.