LWIT: FBI Compromised, Fortnite and China, Elon Musk Sell


Welcome to LWIT or Last weekend in tech. Since we here at NoFaceTech agree to allow weekends off to all staff members we will do this every Monday. This is where we will look into all the news we missed in the last couple of days over the weekend.

FBI Email System Was Compromised

Probably the biggest news this week in tech. Hackers were able to find their way into the FBI’s external email system on Saturday. This allowed the hackers to send thousands of emails from an official FBI email address. The email that was sent out was said to just have been a warning of an upcoming cyber attack. Which honestly seemed to just try to induce mass hysteria. Seems like these breaches are happening every other day. Just look at the recent Robinhood data breach.

Fortnite No Longer Offered In China

The popular game Fortnite has finally thrown in the towel in the Chinese market. The tech company Epic Games ran a beta test to see if it would be viable to run Fortnite in China. They then decided after 3 years that it just wasn’t working out for Epic Games with the servers officially turning off at the end of today. Citizens of China were upset with a discussion board reaching well over 400 million views on the topic.

Elon Musk Sells Billions Worth Of Tesla Stock

This one is actually kind of a funny one. Elon Musk, the CEO of tech giant Tesla, ran a Twitter poll asking his followers if he should sell some of his Tesla shares. Roughly 58% of followers said he should sell in which case he did. The stock amount he sold was 10 percent of all his stock. It goes without saying that due to this massive amount being sold, the tech stock has fallen over 15% following the sell-off.